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TV products for all Hotels with all types of infrastructure

We Build & Customise Interactive, IPTV, Coax and Headend solutions. Easy to manage and works with major TV brands for hospitality. Centralised management of equipment & content available. We are certified to provide Sky premium content.

Hotel Interactive TV
TV Headend



Easy to use & High Definition TV experience

Highly resilient solution in the Cloud or on Premises

Guest Content Casting

Netflix, YouTube, Bluetooth

Build & Customize the TV Room

With your hotel image and brand standards

Dashboard with Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics

With the KPIs that actually matters to an Hotelier

Personalized messages to the Guests

Centralized management of equipment and content

API for TV control/status/reports​

Interactive TV | IPTV

Nonius interactive TV solution offers a unique guest experience by allowing multiple information and entertainment options with access to exciting high quality content. Guest can access TV channels, VoD, Internet, games, information, promotions and TV shopping. The solution is personalized for the hotel brand image, and it is a great tool to communicate with guests, promote the hotel services, reduce operating costs and generate revenues.

Interactive TV | IPTV Middleware - On-premises

Backend Server Appliance

Backend Server

The backend server is the central part of the whole NONIUS.TV system and is responsible for the management of all the firmware and configurations of the set-top boxes and connected TVs, as well as providing the backoffice for all the services available to the end user through the TV.

Nonius Media Server

Media Server

Nonius Media Server stores your MPEG-TS content and streams it out to any Set-Top Box or mobile device.
Ideal for Music on Demand and Video on Demand solutions. Impress your guests with High Definition corporate videos on TV and mobile devices.

Backend Appliance with Media Server

Backend Appliance with Media Server

The Appliance that combines the functionality of Backend Server and Media Server. Recommended for hotels with more than 200 rooms.

Interactive TV | Cloud SAS

Nonius interactive TV solution also works on the cloud.

Set Top Box & Accessories

STB 400

Nonius Android TV solution offers an entertainment experience that goes beyond what a Smart TV can offer.
In addition, since Nonius Android TV integrates with any LCD, Hoteliers can enhance the guest experience without replacing their existing TV.


TV Headend

Gateways, Encoders, OTT, Coax Modulator

DVB/IP Gateway - G4 Series

DVB/IP Gateway

Nonius DVB/IP GATEWAY allows for reception of live TV from satellite dishes, terrestrial antenna, or cable and ethernet.
Channels can be free to the air or pay TV channels. All these channels are decoded and sent out on the Ethernet port to the local IP network. 
The Gateway support Multicast streaming for LANs with support for the IGMP protocol as well as Unicast streaming for other network infrastructures and content distribution network topologies.

IP/IP Transcoder

A solution to control each stream quality for the best results. Provide HD (1080p) content to legacy SD support devices and real-time transcoding of HD IPTV streams up to 4 inputs.

HDMI/IP Encoder

A simple and effective solution to convert HDMI video sources and make it available on an IP network. 
The AV/IP encoder is ideal to convert video from DVD players, TV set-top boxes, video cameras and other AV devices with HDMI outputs.
Both SD and HD output are available to accommodate different applications. High bandwidth efficiency can be achieved, using the H.264 output.
Robust industrial appliance especially designed for the enterprise environment.

OTT/IP Gateway

Leverage any Cloud Live content with one single server. Reduce the downlink footprint by relaying all the TV/STBs requests through an OTT Gateway, centralizing your TV feeds into one place. Guests won’t hog the Internet downlink while watching TV.

Easy installation.
Easy configuration.

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