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Nonius offers tailored Hotel WiFi solutions for all your guests and hotel staff (GIA).
24/7 in-house specialised technical helpdesk available

At Nonius we provide our clients with the latest technology so that hotels and groups can provide a high speed, high quality WiFi to their guests, conferences attendants, visitors and business centres. 

We are committed to create and maintain the best possible WiFi experience for your Hotel and guests providing you all the technical services required to deploy and maintain the network. Our clients have at their disposal a 24/7/365 in-house specialised technical helpdesk. Our technical team has certified professionals with the main wifi technology providers.

Our wifi cloud hospitality technology is scalable allowing it can be easily integrated with your Property Management System (PMS), Central Reservation System (CRS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and any other systems to provide the best guest experience and maximum operational efficiency through automation. 

Nonius Hotel WiFi platform collects and leverage guest data (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) to provide Hotel operators with insights about their guest in a easy to use Dashboard. The platform ensures all information collection and storage are compliant with standards and local regulation, namely: GDPR, LGPD and PCI-DSS.

GIA WiFi Dashboard
Nonius GIA WiFi Dashboard

Guest WiFi Management

Network and WiFi Management for any hotel or group
Deployed in 1,500+ properties in 70+ countries
Specially built for hospitality and constantly evolving...
Multi vendor (WiFi and Switching), reliable & scalable
Integrated with major PMS/CRS/CRM vendors
Data to personalize marketing and enhance experience
Social WiFi

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

Social WiFi

Cloud Management of guest device, portal and data

Dashboard and API

For real-time Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics

Global support - 24/7

With in-house technical helpdesk

Cloud Managed WiFi

Our Nonius Hotel WiFi platform is Cloud-managed, meaning it is able to provide your hotel with a scalable, easy-to-use and fully integrated platform.

Gialto’s Cloud-managed WiFi provides a fast, powerful and safe internet platform for guest WiFi and improving the monetisation of Hotel Wifi network.

This Guest WiFi platform allows hotels to manage their systems remotely, regardless of their size. 

Gialto’s Cloud WiFi can be sold as a SaaS with no upfront cost. Hotels  simply pay a monthly fee based on the size of their hotspot and the level of integration they require.

Hotel WiFi - Hospitality Dashboard Gialto
Hospitality Dashboard

The solution allows hotspot operators to manage remote hotspots from a central location. Operators can manage hotspots of any size ranging from few access points to hundreds.

Gialto’s Cloud WiFi can be sold as SaaS with no upfront cost and operators pay a monthly fee based on the size of their hotspot and the level of integration they require.

Hospitality & MDU
Sports Arenas
SMB/E Enterprise

Hotel Business Corner Software

Our Business Corner Software provides hotels with full control over the connectivity of their computers and printers in their conferences and business centres spaces available to its guests and visitors.

Meaning your business centres can run at peak efficiency with fully managed, reliable software platform guaranteeing all guests content privacy and that the computers and printers are always ready for the next user.

Business Center
Hotel WiFi - Website Content Filtering

Guests WiFI Content Filtering

Our hotel WiFi solutions provide you with the most advanced technology in website content filtering for guest WiFi and hotel business centre computers. Meaning you’re able to restrict access to websites which may contain inappropriate or harmful content.

WGS20K and WGS20KF

Hotel WiFi Management: WGServer Platform

The WGServer is a high availability and reliability appliance with all the necessary gateway and server functions to manage a guest hotel wifi access.

The WGServer appliance is designed to be implemented on both industry-standard, off-shelf servers and enterprise-grade servers for very high speed internet management.

Guests WiFI Partner's Integration

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