Nonius Technical Support – Global Coverage

Nonius Technical Support – Global Coverage

Nonius, a global leader in technology solutions for hospitality,  has been expanding consistently its operations worldwide, and    along with that expansion it has been reinforcing its global support teams to guarantee the highest quality of service to guests and hoteliers.
Nonius provides hoteliers and hotel guests alike with direct phone-in support for those using Nonius’ solutions (HSIA, TV, SIGNAGE and VOIP) – found in properties worldwide.

Raising the bar for Customer Support

While it has become the standard in the industry to outsource support to the cheapest call centre available, Nonius has traditionally kept its technical savvy in-house. In this fashion, Nonius has been addressing the matter of Customer Support in a way that allows its partner hotels to focus on what they do best: hospitality, while leaving the technical side of support to a team of skilled experts that are fully trained in all Nonius solutions.

The Nonius Customer Support teams are currently located on both sides of the Atlantic, covering a wider range of time-zones, as well as geographic locations, bringing together the demanding task of supporting hotel guests and users in general under one well-defined and efficient organizational unit.

Guests and hoteliers have access to direct dial-in support numbers wherever Nonius solutions are present – this includes locations as varied as Brazil, Greece, South Africa, Spain, UK, USA and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).


 Greece: +30 210 300 4506

 South Africa: +27 105 008 424

 Spain: +34 932 201 875

 United Kingdom: +44 203 519 0813

 United States of America: +1 347 348 0919