APCER certificate confirms quality management processes

APCER certificate confirms quality management processes

Nonius’ investment in internal process management quality pays off, as it is awarded the ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems certification by Portugal’s certification authority, APCER.

A clear return on its investment on quality and excellence, Nonius now sees its ISO 9001 certificate awarded in a process that began in 2011, that analyzed – and tested – in detail, the quality management systems in place at the company.

«This ISO 9001 certification only confirms what – has always – been at the heart of Nonius strategy, a strong spirit of self-assessment and optimization, which is imperative in keeping the company competitive and innovative, particularly in our business segment.» said António Silva, CEO at Nonius. «Our solutions, where NONIUS.TV stands out, are themselves enablement tools that allow our clients to create and manage new sources of income. Through the use of our management tools we this allows us to dig deeper into the numbers and data associated to the clients’ use of our solution, and therefore promoting the creation of a wider range of services in the hospitality business.»

ISO 9001:2015 Certification recognizes, in accordance with internationally-established criteria, a company’s effort and achievement in ensuring its products and/or services are compliant, meeting customer’s needs, a continued improvement through the standardization of key business processes and the ease of access, review and implementation of current and new ones. In essence it establishes ground rules and a roadmap that keep companies in a permanent state of self-optimization – to the overall benefit of stakeholders and clients.