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Qué dicen los clientes y huespedes

  • "After the deployment of Nonius IPTV and Internet solutions, we were able to solve two problems that generated great dissatisfaction to our customers. Besides the quality of sound and image, Nonius Interactive TV solution offers a new experience to guests adding services and facilities."

    Lucas Fonseca, IT Manager at Tivoli Ecoresort Praia do Forte

  • "This partnership with Nonius, a leading provider of hospitality technology, allow us to be at the forefront of innovation and offer our customers the most advanced digital services such as free and fast Wi -Fi connection, which is available throughout the hotel, including the 182 rooms, conference rooms, restaurant, bar, spa, health club and outdoor spaces."

    Delfim Filho, General Manager - Meliá Braga Hotel

  • "Excellent multimedia conditions in the room (TV, Apple TV, Android streaming, Bluetooth, etc ...)."

    Guest review about Pestana CR7 Lisboa on TripAdvisor

  • "(...) amazing lighting everywhere and all the electricals in the rooms can be controlled via an app on your phone".

    Guest review about EVOLUTION Lisboa Hotel on TripAdvisor

  • "After a thorough qualification process we selected Nonius to handle this project due to their worldwide proven experience and expertise in hospitality. Hilton has high standards for guest technology and Nonius was the most qualified company to offer a complete and integrated solution for guest IT services. Their experience gave us the confidence that Nonius would be able to handle all project requirements including engineering, logistics, and installation in Africa. We worked very closely together in order to deliver a high-tech solution and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. Without a doubt, our partnership will continue on future projects."

    Marcelo Barros, VP Technology Infrastructure and Operations at Salim Group Inc

  • "This partnership with Nonius allows us to be at the forefront of innovation and offer our customers the most advanced guest-facing technology such as free and fast Wi-Fi connection, which is available throughout the hotel, including the 128 rooms, conference rooms, restaurant, bar, spa and health club."

    Ana Gouveia, General Manager at Melia Ria Hotel & Spa

  • "Nonius was able to provide us a reliable Guest Technology platform for the years to come. After the Wi-Fi and TV systems were implemented, the overall guest satisfaction increased immediately. We are confident that we’ve made the right decision and look forward working with Nonius for years to come."

    Peterpaul Hoeksema, IT Manager Rotterdam Marriott Hotel

  • "For our management team choosing Nonius was simple. During the entire design and implementation phase, Nonius always provided the dedication and care required to build a successful partnership, and in the end, they delivered 5* solution for the Malai Manso Resort."

    Eder Pelachim, IT Manager at Malai Manso Resort

  • "All rooms have large flat screen smart TV so you can connect your Apple (...) As for Wi-Fi?? Very fast connection speeds and available absolutely everywhere within resort."

    Guest review about Oleo Cancun Playa on TripAdvisor

  • "The TV has Apple TV and Android compatibility so playing Netflix, etc. was easy."

    Guest review about Oleo Cancun Playa on TripAdvisor

  • "All the hotel is covered by Wifi network and without complicated passwords. A login on arrival is all that is needed."

    Guest review about Pestana CR7 Funchal on TripAdvisor

  • "We know that Nonius has many years of experience in the hospitality sector and this gave us the confidence that they can handle such a big installation and provide us with the necessary support in the coming years. We are confident that we have made the correct choice, and look forward to working with Nonius for years to come."

    Jorge Ducoing, Corporate Operations Manager at Atelier de Hoteles

  • "Las soluciones de Nonius nos permiten ofrecer a nuestros clientes una experiencia tecnológica superior, satisfaciendo sus necesidades y ofreciendo un gran servicio, ofreciendo una amplia gama de opciones para su entretenimiento y recibiendo sus comentarios y sugerencias al instante. Como marca hotelera nos otorga prestigio y nos permite presentarnos como una opción altamente tecnológica liderando la hospitalidad interactiva.”

    Claudio González Mejías, Gerente de Operaciones de Boulevard Suites Hotel

  • "Con la contratación de este nuevo modelo Wi-Fi Nonius, el hotel ofrece un excelente servicio a sus clientes de acuerdo a sus necesidades, en función de su geolocalización, la hora del día o su perfil."

    Constantin N. Lagemann Knigge, Director General de Healthouse Las Dunas

  • “Una de las ventajas comparativas de Nonius es la integración de los diversos servicios ofertados a los clientes, en un solo sistema, integrados con el PMS del Hotel. Simplifica drásticamente el control de la información y el mantenimiento de los sistemas. La rapidez en la detección de las posibles anomalías, aliadas a la velocidad de resolución de las mismas, pasa a ser un logro muy importante en esta industria cada vez más competitiva. Es un sistema simple con todo de gran alcance, determinante en el aumento de la eficiencia y visibilidad del hotel.”

    Luís Alberto Jassy, ​​Administrador del Hotel Perola

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