B-Guest App

Self Check-In: Online & tablet check-in

B-Guest provides self check-in information online before arrival using the channel of their preference (email and SMS). Nonius B-Guest app offers a self check-in hotel on tablets that can be added to speed up the process and reduce waiting time. Automated marketing campaigns provide personalised & customised communication to upsell hotel services. The rating element provides real-time insight into guest feedback and avoids bad reviews. PMS integration required.

Self Check-In Hotel: Check-in Automation

Three days before arriving at the hotel, the guest receives an invitation by e-mail to make the B-Guest Online Check-in.

This e-mail is fully automated and customized according to the hotel’s needs.

Self Check-In Hotel - Check-in Automation
Self Check-In Hotel - Tablet Check-In


Self Check-in process no longer needs paper forms

Improves efficiency by preventing errors inherent to the manual data input

Collects guest’s contacts (e-mail/phone number) for campaigns

Allows instant guest feedback during their stay

Increases guest satisfaction by providing a faster check-in

Frees up the Hotel staff to other guest support activities

Allows campaigns of other Hotel services

Integrated with main PMS vendors

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