Nonius begins deploying interactive TV

Nonius begins deploying interactive TV

Nonius, a Portuguese company specializing in technology solutions for hospitality, announces a strategic partnership with the Axis Hotels & Golf Group for the implementation of Nonius Interactive TV system in all 816 rooms at its 6 hotels.

With this system the Axis Group will offer its guests a unique entertainment experience, information and shopping on TV that will position the Axis Group at the forefront of entertainment technology.

Nonius Interactive TV system provides numerous services such as Internet access on TV with specific applications for YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Messenger; Sales Channel offering the Group’s products and services; Corporate Channel where guests can view Hotel presentations and services available; Information Channel with news, weather, flight schedules, etc.; Inbox wherein the hotel can send messages to guests such as welcome messages and special promotions; games and video-on demand services.

This builds on the exiting successful relationship between Nonius and the Axis Group, which was established several years ago with the implementation of the Nonius Internet Access solution.