IHG Connect

IHG Connect: Update your Wi-Fi to IHG Connect Standard

IHG Connect: Get your Wi-Fi ratings up

IHG Connect: Get your Wi-Fi ratings up

Adopter of Nonius can accomplish a double-digit increase in their guest Internet satisfaction scores. Recent market studies show guests want faster, more reliable Wi-Fi with 71% reporting difficulties accessing public Wi-Fi networks.

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IHG Connect: With Nonius you get:

Unlimited connectivity

Unlimited device connectivity, allowing guests to connect and access Wi-Fi easily across multiple devices. No need to reconnect during the stay.


Ability to manage bandwidth spikes for surge periods, including during large meetings and corporate events.

Monitoring & support

Proactive, 24/7 cloud-based monitoring and centralized technical support.

Dedicated Wi-Fi​

Consistent, dedicated Wi-Fi access to accommodate increased demand and volume.

Capacity for growth​

Wi-Fi with built-in capacity for growth to accommodate future demands.

New offerings in the future

The foundation for new offerings in the future such as in-room entertainment, location-based marketing, and future systems innovation including personalized landing pages for loyalty members.


Monthly reports on incidents and on how your Wi-Fi is performing.

IHG Rewards Club members

A key component of IHG Connect is the auto recognition feature for IHG Rewards Club members, where guests only need to sign in once to access hotel Wi-Fi at all IHG Connect-enabled hotels. They will automatically be connected for all future visits.

An IHG Partner

IHG Hotels

Nonius is certified to conduct all the necessary tasks to successfully deliver Guest Wi-Fi, according to IHG deployment standards and specifications. 

This includes planning phase, design, configuration, supply of equipment, installation & on-going system and guest level support.

IHG Hotels in the Americas and Europe Have Nonius Products

Nonius is IHG’s preferred partner and it serves 47 properties worldwide.

Expert in IHG Wi-Fi

Nonius has the team and the expertise to meet the IHG standards and beyond. We are ISO9001 certified since 2012 and the hotels we serve have the highest rating of guest feedback for our Wi-Fi service. We have a vast portfolio of products. Wi-Fi was the base that created the company and it is the product that we have by far more installations around the world.

Financial options

Our price is highly competitive and we can finance you in Opex if you do not want the CAPEX upfront cost.

IHG Connect: Local Partner

With more than 50 clients in UK & Ireland, we have decided to open an operation in London (Hammersmith) to be closer to you. We provide the best in class service supported by our cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform and our partnership with the network equipment vendors.

Industry leader

Nonius has been growing at a 25% rate since foundation in 2005 and serves today 2,700 properties worldwide.

A sustainable company with a highly qualified engineering team that has been serving the industry for 15 years.

The most complete portfolio of guests facing products and services worldwide.
10 offices now around the world and one dedicated for the UK & Ireland.

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